Solar cooking for everyone

Parabolic grill on wooden frame for developing countries.

Today I added a new design to support development of a cheap but hopefully fairly effective solar grill for developing countries. I think that I one day also can get to build it, but some more reflections needs to be done. The intention with this parabolic design was partly to adjust the form to materials easily found in developing countries, partly to find a design that can be tilted by its own shape. The metal plate is 1*2.5 m and is sold for 10 Euros in Congo-Brazzaville. It is not perfect but fairly reflective. I have provided a image to show how to cut it. It should also be possible to use 250 small square mirrors 10*10 cm. This is more expensive, and a bit complicated, but more effective than using the metal plate. For the support I am using a wooden frame divided into segments. The wooden frame also provide tilting functionalities, but will be developed further. An alternative is to use a metal stand. Both ideas are displayed in the photo album "Parabolic grill on wooden frame" .

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