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The making of the Kolamba Solar Cooker

The first prototype of the Kolamba Solar Cooker saw daylight already in 2009. It was based on the previous Deep Double Funnel Cooker that I made locally a few years ago in Congo-Brazzaville.

The Kolamba Solar Cooker is a more industrial solar cooker we've made together with Inventas in Kristiansand and with financial support from Innovation Norway and the EVA Center in Kristiansand.  

We started out in our home with small and simple models, and when measuring the temperature, we found that the temperature could reach about 130 C.

My oldest girl was very eager to test it out, and try out some recipes. 

We were curious if we needed the plastic-bag, but we found it to be quite troublesome. No bag could stand the intense heat without becoming crispy, and actually we did not need it to bring water to a boil.

In the first stage the reflector was 1 mm thick and it gave us a big problem for transportation. In the next stage we reduced the reflector to 0,2 mm thickness and also made a portable 6-folded bottom plate. We now had a mobile prototype prepared for industrial production. We used only three different types of materials, and by the 6-folded bottom-plate we could fold and put every piece into a small package.

Every piece in the package is actually also used when setting up the solar cooker, and no extra packaging is actually needed. 

The triangular shape is super strong and the stand for the pot is supporting it from the inside. It is also quite small for shipment and about 12000 units can be shipped in one container.

I will soon tell about my trip to Africa to test it out there.

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